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Earth Wind And Solar Energy (EWSE) design and install solar panels, solar thermals, wind turbines, geothermal and energy efficient lighting in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois. EWSE also conducts building energy audits for home and business. We are a well trusted and respected installer of green renewable energy systems.
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Solar Canopy & EV Charging Stations
Traditional canopy’s are a great application for solar. Not only do they provide shading and protection from the elements, but the roof can be made up of solar modules to take advantage of the sun's energy. By replacing traditional roofing materials with PV modules you give a modern twist of interest to an otherwise boring looking roof. With power guarantees of 25 years you’re assured a system that will last.

Now combine that with an EV Charger and you have the perfect combination of energy efficiency and carbon offset. Since most of the canopies have design flexibility they are easily configured to accommodate just about any area no matter what the size or shape. Imagine a solar tree… a man-made tree that uses solar panels not only to produce power but to provide an attractive rest pit for weary shoppers or how about a pergola that can shelter people and vehicles from rain, snow and hail. Better yet, canopies can also allow for advertising space to help offset some of the cost and provide a long term income stream.

No matter what your application, a solar canopy is a great alternative to a traditional structure and provides sustainable solutions for EV charging stations, public, commercial and private rest areas.

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