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Earth Wind And Solar Energy (EWSE) design and install solar panels, solar thermals, wind turbines, geothermal and energy efficient lighting in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois. EWSE also conducts building energy audits for home and business. We are a well trusted and respected installer of green renewable energy systems.
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McGrath Residence 1610 N. Honore

Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic System

This first LEED Platinum home in the U.S based in Chicago features a state-of-the-art 7.6kW Solar PV and six Solar Thermal collectors.

The Solar Thermal is designed to supply at least 60% of the homeowner’s domestic hot water and space heating needs. This drain back system features six, 4’x8’ flat plate solar collectors and 115 gallon storage tank.

The solar PV array is expected to produce over 800kWh a month or 9600+kWh per year. The Solar PV system is made of 40 Sanyo 190 watt bi-facial modules.

The cost of these renewable energy systems were made affordable with a 30% State Rebates and 30% Federal Tax Credits. Besides the financial benefits, these systems allow the home-owner to reduce their environmental impact.
Solar Thermal is Cost Efficient
Solar Thermal is Cost Efficient

Solar thermal technologies use the sun’s heat energy to heat substances (such as water or air) for applications such as space heating, pool heating and water heating for homes and businesses.

M&R Laundromat: 3103 N. Cicero, Chicago IL

Commercial Solar Thermal System

Located in Cicero, IL, M&R Laundry has positioned itself as the first Laundromat in the area to adopt green technology. The building installed 20 4x10 solar thermal panels located on the rooftop that collect the suns energy needed to heat up the water used in the building. As a direct result of the solar thermal panels, natural gas consumption will be reduced by at least 50% per load of laundry. M&R Laundry shows how a new, sustainable approach can revitalize a Laundromat.

The Solar Thermal array is expected to heat their entire water supply of 432 gallon tank and off-set 292 million BTU’s per year. This system is made up of 20 panels which will require minimum system checkups every 10 years.

This systems will allow the Laundromat to reduce their environmental impact by offsetting 8,393 pounds (lbs) of carbon emissions per year that is equivalent to driving about 9,555 miles or planting 14 trees in one year.