Community Outreach & Industry Advocacy

Riana and John are strong believers in renewable energy and adopted a culture at
Earth Wind And Solar Energy (EWSE) that embraces all aspects of their beliefs - integration, education, advocacy and participation. In keeping with their mission of inspiring young minds, EWSE have installed renewable energy systems at many schools throughout Illinois. They contributed to expanding environmental awareness to over 20,000 students about green energy and how their choices affects the wellness of our planet and the health of its inhabitants. In addition, they have provided internship opportunities to many high school and college students. This opportunity opened doors, hearts and eyes alike, allowing them to further their education and pursue green careers.

Every year, EWSE participates in numerous trade shows, neighborhood festivals, school Solarbrations, Green Festivals, Earth Day and Arbor Day festivals. Their participation at these events help spread the word about renewable energy, conservation and building energy efficiency.

In advocating for green change, both Riana and John contribute their time and resources by serving on several boards. Riana serves on the Advisory Board of Sustainability at Wright College and John served two years on the Board for the Illinois Solar Energy Association. They are frequent guests on radio shows and educational seminars and have contributed many articles to publications about green energy and sustainability.

Riana and John have been invited by several Illinois City Councils to provide expertise on how green technology works and the process it takes to adopt renewable energy systems within their boundaries. They have spent considerable amount of time attending and processing all the needed procedures such as Public Hearing, City Council meetings, and variances at various municipalities and City Councils who are new to green energy systems. These efforts have allowed residents to install renewable energy on their homes and businesses. Riana and John consider themselves pioneers: opening minds and hearts and providing new sustainable lifestyles for the rest of the community to follow. As such, EWSE has opened up many doorways for renewable energy in communities such as Joliet, Long Grove, Naperville, St Charles and many more. “We want to create green pathways that will lead to green practices, green communities & green initiatives,” Riana says.

As leaders in their field,
Earth Wind And Solar Energy participated in providing insight and recommendations to the Environmental Law & Policy Center in seeking funding for the City of Chicago with the SunShot Grant with respect to permitting. EWSE also provided letters of support to assist the grant in being awarded to the City of Chicago and are pleased to see the grant being awarded to Chicago. “I look forward to the day where we no longer hear we are the first to install in this town. That will mean every community will have some form of renewable energy ordinance in place,” says John.

In 2010,
Earth Wind And Solar Energy was nominated as one of nine finalists in Mayor Daley’s Greenworks Awards in Chicago. This was an extremely proud moment in our history. We were the youngest company recognized as a finalist amongst other more established brands such as The Shedd Aquarium and Lincoln Park Zoo. EWSE was the only renewable energy installation company selected among the nine finalists. This makes the owners Riana and John very proud to see that Earth Wind And Solar Energy’s initiatives, community outreach and impact on the environment is being recognized.

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