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Earth Wind And Solar Energy (EWSE) design and install solar panels, solar thermals, wind turbines, geothermal and energy efficient lighting in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois. EWSE also conducts building energy audits for home and business. We are a well trusted and respected installer of green renewable energy systems.
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Solar Thermal for Homes
This is one of the best investments you can buy for your home, especially when you think about the demand we put on our water heaters. Itís perfect for homeowners because it provides a safe and clean form of energy used to heat our hot water. Our systems are even capable of assisting your existing space heating system to further reduce your winter heating gas bill and switch over to provide additional pool heating in the summer.

Home ownership is a pride we value. That is why we custom design each system specific to your needs with only the best components designed to last for years. The fact is our systems have a design life of over 30 years, and will require very little maintenance during that period. After all, what homeowner wants more work.

Our team of experts are attentive to detail, understand the significance of aesthetics and design systems that will enhance the value of your home. In fact, after you install a renewable energy system on your home the appraised value will go up, but not your property tax assessed value - yet another savings!

Earth Wind And Solar Energy our goal is make the adoption of solar thermal a breeze. We take the guess work out of going green and provide turnkey solutions. We handle the entire process for you from start to finish and promise to deliver exceptional service. With federal, state and local incentives, affordability is attainable for many energy conscious homeowners, like yourself, and there has never been a better time to go solar.

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McGrath Residence: First LEED Platinum Home in the US.

McGrath Residence: First LEED Platinum Home in the US.
1610 N. Honore Chicago, IL. We installed six solar thermal flat plate collectors that is used for domestic hot water and radiant space heating. The system is tied to a tankless water heater system.
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