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Commercial Solar Installations

Smart businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce overhead and increase profit. If you are one, we have good news for you.


One of the easiest ways to cut expenses is by reducing or even eliminating electric bill payment. Solar Photovoltaics saves business and institutions money!


Businesses, non-profit, municipalities and industrial entities are huge consumers of electricity. That is why Earth Wind And Solar Energy designs systems that take into account your special needs. Our solar PV arrays can provide a sustainable solution for reducing or potentially eliminating electric usage and show your clients that you are an environmentally conscience company.


Installing solar power in your business helps:

  • Reduce carbon footprint and improve your company’s image
  • Attract customers who transact with environmentally conscious companies only
  • Qualify for government’s tax incentives
  • Make our world safer and better
  • Unburdened by unexpected future hikes in energy costs


We will ensure that the integration of our Solar PV system into your building is one that you will be proud of. Our team of experts are attentive to detail, understand the significance of aesthetics and design systems that are built to last for years to come. We don’t see our involvement ending when the project is completed. We are building long term relationships by providing exceptional service and warranties on modules and inverters up to 25 years.


Reducing energy cost is just part of the equation, we also reduce maintenance requirements by your staff. This is why our systems come with lifetime online monitoring so we can ensure that your array is always performing at its best.


Industries we help:

  • Large Commercial
  • Medium and Small-sized Business
  • Healthcare
  • Homebuilders
  • Agriculture
  • Institutional
  • Government
  • Religious/Not-for-profit
  • Manufacturing



Commercial Solar Financing Options

Our goal is make the adoption of renewable energy a breeze, and take the guess work out of going green by providing custom turnkey solutions. We handle the entire process for you from permitting to inter-connection agreements, and deliver professional exceptional service.


With federal tax credits, state rebates and local incentives available our experienced experts will show you just how affordable and profitable going green can be.


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Since 2008, Earth Wind And Solar Energy (EWSE) have designed and installed solar PV, solar thermals, wind turbines, geothermal and energy efficient lighting in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois.

EWSE also conducts building energy audits for home and business. We are a well trusted and respected installer of green renewable energy systems in Chicago and its surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide affordable energy solutions with cutting edge technology for both residential and commercial applications. As specialists we are able to consolidate our time and resources more effectively to continue to be industry leaders. 

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