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Solar Storage: It's like a battery bank but for your house.

Black outs don't always happen but when they do, you wont be left out in the dark. With a solar battery system from Earth Wind and Solar Energy, you will always have the energy you need to power your home.


The future of solar technology is available for homeowners today! Battery storage systems have improved drastically in the last several years where they can store more energy generated by your PV system.


Imagine being totally energy independent with a solar storage system right in your basement or garage for power when you need it the most.


Like a battery bank for your house!
Always have power available even when the grid goes down.

We only install the top of the line battery storage system from Enphase, the world's leader in micro-inverter technologies so you will be assured with the highest quality products available.


This system will provide you with reliable, clean energy for your home and family. In addition, it will add a value to your home's worth, making it more attractive to potential buyers when it becomes time to sell your home. You can even program your storage system to operate during expensive energy use peak times during the day to help offset rising costs.

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Since 2008, Earth Wind And Solar Energy (EWSE) have designed and installed solar PV, solar thermals, wind turbines, geothermal and energy efficient lighting in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois.

EWSE also conducts building energy audits for home and business. We are a well trusted and respected installer of green renewable energy systems in Chicago and its surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide affordable energy solutions with cutting edge technology for both residential and commercial applications. As specialists we are able to consolidate our time and resources more effectively to continue to be industry leaders. 

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